Don't sit on the sand, hire a Jet Ski for your next day at the beach!

Bring a new level of excitement to your holiday or long weekend by hiring a performance Jet Ski to ramp things up. No more envy from the hot sand watching other people enjoying themselves out on the water, give your family the ultimate toy. With 1, 2 and 3 seater options available, we have a powered craft to suit no matter what you are looking for.

Melbourne Jet Ski Hire take the complication out of hiring a jet ski for your next day on the beach or weekend away with the family. Our fleet of jet skis available consist of a 3 seater with unbeatable fuel economy and go all the way up to the 260HP supercharged premium GTX iS Limited. We've got you covered regardless of your taste and requirements. We strive to provide a cost effective and safe day of fun on the water for you and your family. All the jet skis available for hire undergo a 20 point inspection before leaving our premises for each hire. You can either have the jet ski launched for you at the water or simply come and collect it on the trailer yourself, the choice is yours.

With prices starting from $250 per day, we have an option to suit your budget no matter what sort of experience you are after. We include a spare tyre, wheel bearings, life jackets and additional safety equipment depending on your requirements and provide you with a safety briefing, map of the bay and additional reference points to ensure you get the most value out of your hire experience with Melbourne jet ski hire.

With affordable rates for a full day self-hire option, a day on the water has never been so much fun. For convenience, we offer a chauffeured concierge experience where we arrive at your designated destination and launch the jet ski for you. Enquire today about the VIP concierge service and let us take the hassle out of backing the boat trailer into the ramp and removing the jet ski when the sun starts to set.

Our jet skis can get booked for months in advance so be sure to secure your favourite jet ski and don't miss out this summer. Don't get stuck sitting on the sand in envy, contact Melbourne Jet Ski Hire today.

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