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Take a look at our FAQs to find an answer to some of the common questions we get asked.

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What type of speed do your jet skis go?

The Melbourne Jet Ski Hire Jet Skis get up to 110km/h depending which model you decide to hire.

How far do we have to travel from where you launch before we are able to go fast?

We advise being far away from any other boats, swimmers or people using the water where you are operating the ski. The law provides you must be at least 200m.

Are there sharks in the Port Phillip Bay?

We cant promise there will not be any sharks as the bay is an open port, however we have never seen one in all our years on the water.

Can my kids ride with me?

Children have to be at least 7 years old and must ride with someone over 18 years old. We cannot make any exceptions on the safety requirements in our terms and conditions.

What fees do we pay?

We hire our jet skis out on an hourly rate or a full day hire. The full day hire requires a security bond to be paid which is refundable on return of the jet ski provided no damage to the jet ski has been caused.

What type of jet skis do you have?

We use Seadoo and Yamaha Jet Skis at Melbourne Jet Ski Hire and only provide recent models in great mechanical and safe conditions.

What time should I show up for my reservation?

You should always arrive 30 minutes before the agreed time of hire commencement to allow for the safety induction to be delivered to the registered jet ski operator.

Will we run out of petrol or have to fill up?

All of the Melbourne Jet Ski Hire jet skis are provided with a full tank of petrol. Additional petrol will need to be provided by you and ensure the jet ski is returned with a full tank.

Can two people go on the same jet ski?

AT Melbourne Jet Ski Hire, our jet skis can accomodate 2 and 3 people across most of our hire range. These details can be checked by viewing our models available by clicking here.

Things to Know

All passengers on a Jet Ski rented from Melbourne Jet Ski Hire must be at least 7 years of age, and if under 18 must be accompanied by the person approved as the hirer of the jet ski. Only the person who has hired the contract and registered with Melbourne Jet Ski Hire is permitted to drive the jet ski within the rental period expressed within the contract. All passengers of the jet ski must only board the jet ski or boat as a passenger and at no times to operate the jet ski unless express written consent from Melbourne Jet Ski Hire is attained in advance. All persons hiring a jet ski must arrive 60 minutes before the agreed commencement of the hire period to allow sufficient time for the completion of the safety and procedure process provided by Melbourne Jet Ski Hire. Appropriate clothing is required at all times when operating the jet ski out on the water. Wetsuits with built-in buoyancy are recommended with the exception of a suitable and compliant PFD to be worn at all times by both the approved hirer and all passengers without exceptions. Melbourne Jet Ski Hire will provide PFD approved vests at a further cost if required.

Cancellation Policy

Upon making a online or reservation over the phone and confirming the hire period requested by you, Melbourne Jet Ski Hire will charge your provided credit card or debit card for the full amount of the hire period. If unforeseen domestic, commercial or social circumstances announce themselves you may cancel the hire agreement within 72 hours of commencement to receive a refund of the hire cost and bond. If the hire agreement is required to be cancelled within 48 hours of the hire period commencement, a refund of 50% of the hire period charges and 100% of the security bond will be refunded. Cancellations within 24 hours of commencement of the agreed hire period commencement will not be refunded due to supply and demand. Under no circumstances will a hire fee be cancelled or refunded if the request comes within 24 hours of the hire period commencement. No exceptions.

Pre-water Lesson

We provide each hire with a built in safety procedure and risk management presentation; 100% free and mandatory. All hire agreements require the hirer to arrive 60 minutes before the commencement of the hire period to allow sufficient time for the collection of the jet ski, completion of the Melbourne Jet Ski Hire safety and hazard checklist, vessel walkthrough and functionality training. Under no circumstances will any 3rd (third) parties be approved or allowed to collect a jet ski on behalf of the primary hirer. Physical presence and presentation of 100 points of identification is mandatory for all hire periods concerning a jet ski hire agreement.

Discretionary Weather Policy

The weather is the element of using outdoor recreational activities that is out of our control entirely. Due to supply and demand, the ability of the weather becoming an impediment is not accepted as grounds for refund or rescheduling of a hire period as the forecast and conditions of the surf must be checked by the hirer before deciding on the hire agreement. In circumstances where extreme weather conditions have been forecasted or present themselves at the commencement of, or during a hire period, Melbourne Jet Ski Hire reserve the right and discretion to reschedule a hire period to the same length or days as originally agreed to. Weather conditions specifically relative to this aforementioned discretion are, but not limited to;

  • Snow Fall
  • Ice Caps
  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Strong Dangerous Winds
  • Adverse Ocean Currents Unsafe for swimming
  • Shark Warning Zones (as identified by the Coast Guard)

Melbourne Jet Ski Hire will contact you concerning a scenario such as these to advise you of the decision to reschedule your hire period as a result of the above conditions. There is no rescheduling fee payable in this circumstance. The right to reschedule or cancel a hire period remains the right of Melbourne Jet Ski Hire, not the hirer.

For more information and accurate forecasts of the ocean, surf, weather and wind conditions please visit the Bureau of Meteorology by clicking here.

Late Returns

It is important that all hire agreements between Melbourne Jet Ski Hire and the hirer are followed precisely relating specifically to the start and return times. In the event that a Jet Ski is returned more than 60 minutes after the agreed return time, the half day rate the the Jet Ski hired will be payable on return. Should the later period exceed more than 3 Hours, a full day rental fee and an additional $250.00 will be charged to the hirer and made payable immediately.

Please ensure you pay attention to the times of hire and agreed end time and date of the Jet Ski you hire so as to best ensure you are not late. This policy forms a condition of your hire agreement and continues to apply in the event of you being lost or unable to find the Melbourne Jet Ski Hire drop off point or lost while still being in control of the watercraft on the water.

Safety Tips

At Melbourne Jet Ski Hire, we put safety above all other areas of consideration when hiring and operating a Personal Watercraft. We advise and insist on keeping this safety booklet in your watercraft at all times and ensure you understand the sections and procedures competently before leaving the land and riding off in the water.

  1. Always ensure you know and understand the features that make the operation of your jet ski safe for use. Refer to the supplied operators guide at all times or call Melbourne Jet Ski Hire.
  2. Securely attach the lanyard key to the wrist you write with or an approved PFD which is mandatory to be wearing at all times when operating the Jet Ski.
  3. All watercraft riders including the person driving the jet ski must be wearing a PFD approved life jacket at all times with no exceptions. For further information relating to the approved Personal Flotation Devices please click HERE.
  4. Protective clothing such as a snug fitting wetsuit with buoyancy is preferred for safety reasons.
  5. Normal swimwear will not adequately protect you from forceful water entry into the lower body openings of both male and female.
  6. Know your Jet Skis capacity for weight and do not overload at any time. Refer to your operators manual for weight restrictions.
  7. Stay alert and be aware of the surroundings where you are launching the jet ski, riding the jet ski or exiting and boarding the jet ski.
  8. Take notice to all people in the 500 meter proximity including swimmers, skiers and other boats and personal watercrafts.
  9. Always keep a safe distance when operating your jet ski and avoid jumping the wake or waves for safety reasons and so as to avoid damage to the jet ski.
  10. Keep a safe distance to any other vessels when operating a jet ski and ensure you are legally complying to the laws contained within the Marine Safety Act 2010. More information on the Act can be found HERE.
  11. Be aware of the water areas you will be operating the jet ski in and always aware of the local, state and Federal laws that apply. Know the weather conditions well in advance of your departure so as to ensure you do not have a storm arrive when you are far from shorelines or beaches.
  12. Never operate your jet ski on the water during a storm or heavy rain. Refer to our Weather Discretionary Policy for more information.
  13. Always maintain a safe and legal distance from restricted areas and take notice of all warning signs displayed by waterway authorities and the Victorian Police and Water Police.
  14. Stay aware of all knot restrictions and speed variations in all water areas and open bays.
  15. Know, understand and apply all right-of-way rules.
  16. Be courteous at all times to all other swimmers and boat operators at all times when operating a jet ski.
  17. Be considerate of all others who share the area of which you are operating your jet ski.
  18. Stay in sight of the shore at all times.

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Safe boating and being aware of the people around you enjoying the water is the most crucial element to having a great time in the sun. Download the Boating Safety Handbook here.

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