At Melbourne Jet Ski Hire, we believe in safety above all else. Because of this, we have developed a safe operation and reference point for nearly every part of your hire period to refer back to and learn from. Safe practice and compliant use of PWC’s are the foundation to being able to deliver a great day for you and your family on the water.

In this page, we have a range of safety tips, best practices, advised methods and procedures that we recommend are followed to ensure you get the most value out of your PWC hire. Please ensure you take the time to take advantage of the tips, procedures and help guides on this page for the benefit of both you and your family.

How to prepare your PWC for use in the water.

Safety Tips for your PWC operation.

How to safely put your PWC into the water.

How to safely pull your PWC out of the water.

Tips for safely towing a tube behind a PWC.

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Safe boating and being aware of the people around you enjoying the water is the most crucial element to having a great time in the sun. Download the Boating Safety Handbook here.

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'For more information regarding operation of a PWC in the state of Victoria'

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